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Busting Out

artist's statement:

I hope to make people aware of how women have been viewed, used and exploited through the ages because of their breasts. This exhibit was created utilizing not only humor and word play but also with a serious look at physical abuse, breast cancer, and the psychological effects of demoralizing ideoligies and comments made about women's bodies passed down from generation to generation. Each piece points out these struggles, emphasizing women's triumphant spirits and strength.

All the busts are hung with women's scarves or handkerchiefs. The pink scarves with cancer ribbons are cancer related. "Cry On My Shoulder" specifically honors cancer supporters, as anyone diagnosed with cancer needs a shoulder to cry on.

I started this series in the summer of 2007, and ideas came fast and furious, not only from myself but from others and the internet (Google-ing "names for boobs"). Thank you, all who contributed!

After finishing all of these pieces and hearing what others have to say about them, I came to realize that I was not the potter; I was the clay.

-Twila Graber Beahm

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